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Mar 13, 2012 5:00pm PDT
home in indiana where i'm from it's 756789 crazy. >> so there is i had to come to california to get nice weather and i should have stayed home. >> and that is the only sign of the accident. chp and caltrans cleaned up the scene. there are no other cars and autopsy will be performed to see if there were health issues that contributed to the driver losing control. the chp does not believe drugs, or alcohol, were involved. >> thank you. and the north bay also gets the brunt of the storms, they're getting plenty of rain there tonight. we're live and like they say if the creek don't rise sh how does it look? >> well, it's rising a little bit but not anything to be concerned about. this is been raining here steadily. it has didn't stopped. the creek you've talked about, the notorious creek, there it is below us, now. and there is about five feet now. it might sound like a lot. they don't begin to worry until it reaches 11 feet. and there is is like a raising torrent because that is what it was. there is this runnoff from the rains, welcome to just about everyone except hiker who's weather
Mar 3, 2012 5:00pm PST
populate by millions. the worst damage is centered in southern indiana and eastern kentucky. scott goldberg reports. >> reporter: throughout clarks county in southern indiana, the devastation is overwhelming and total. >> once again, mother nature deeding with indiana. >> entire communities, homes, schools, and businesses are gone. >> we lost it. and we're with you. it's not just government. this is their neighbors here to help. >> the friday twisters threatened millions of people from the gulf coast to the great lakes. the national weather service issued nearly 300 tornado warnings on friday, making it one of the worst days in u.s. history. and it wasn't over. thunderstorms rocked georgia this morning, bringing more damage. the twisters struck so quickly and with such force that many barely had time to get away. >> we thought we had 11 minutes and within two seconds it came through and blew the house off the foundation. >> in henrysville it lifted the roof of the school while the students were inside. >> if you walked through my car and through that hallway right there, we were ju
Mar 17, 2012 5:00pm PDT
of a damage when >> school security cameras captured the ferocious impact of a tornado in indiana this month. this video was just released and shows the tornado tearing through a high school gym. 80 students and teachers were still inside the school. amazingly no one was injured. the school's cameras on the roof show it being blown to bits. the tornado is blamed for 34 deaths in indiana and kentucky. the tornado was classified as devastating and winds were estimated between 206 and 270 miles-per-hour. >>> a blast in san francisco's financial district caused some worries today when an underground explosion blew a manhole cover into the air at grant and california streets. pg&e believes some sort of equipment failure caused the explosion. nobody was hurt but according to san francisco'ed, the manhole cover blew into pieces. >> when we got here we diverted traffic, and then smoke started coming from another manhole cover 25 yards east of that, around the corner of california and grant. >> there have been more than a dozen underground explosions in san francisco the past five years. p
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3